Our Team
Our highly qualified and passionate team is what makes the
Wayzata Insurance Agency the strong organization that it is today.


Yes, we stand out!

Our highly qualified and compassionate team members allow us to stand out in the crowd of insurance and financial services organizations. Our agents are trained to listen to your needs, and to find solutions.

We can help you select the right insurance policy to protect your car, home, life, or income, and then find a payment plan that fits your needs. We'll use terms you can understand when explaining insurance policies and financial services.

If you own a business, or have management authority within a business, we can also help your employees protect their paychecks and families without any direct cost to your business. We’ll help you offer payroll deduction options for health, disability, accident, and life insurance. Let us show you how offering supplemental insurance to your employees can reduce your payroll FICA tax obligation.

We will be your trusted advisor
With more than 100 years of experience within the organization our financial professionals can help you answer the following questions, and a whole lot more:
  • How can I be sure I am protected against loss and liability?
  • How will I pay for college for my children?
  • Will I have enough money for retirement?
  • How will my loved ones be provided for when I die?
  • What will happen to my family if I become disabled?
  • What is the best way to save for a boat or cabin?
  • If something happens to me, what will happen to my business?

We are committed to helping you protect all that you value

We'll work with you to determine your needs, evaluate your current situation, and suggest ways to meet your financial goals. Let us put together a plan that can work for you. We'll help you select the right insurance policy to protect your car, home, life or income, and then we will help you find a payment plan that fits your needs.

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Call our office today at (942) 473-2110, or 1-800-473-2141, and we will discuss your needs.